Sickly Sticky Stroke – ‘SING WITH’ With San Francisco Punks UNITED DEFIANCE

Daily electricity to load your batteries

25 August 2021

Who: A San Francisco 5-piece plays a mix of
skatepunk and melodic hardcore inspired by
the iconic bands of 90’s-era Fat and Epitaph.

It features guest vocals from Dave Pederson (Downway),
Jason Devore (Authority Zero) and others, and is the follow-
up to 2018’s Safe At Home

Release: 1 October (vinyl January 2022)
via Thousand Islands Records

New single: SING WITH ME

Turn Up The Volume: This is the clamorous sing-along knockout to start
and end all post-lockdown punk parties with. The supersonic speed and
sickly sticky stream of rip-roaring riffs is just perfect for boozed-up moshpits.
You have no excuses not to jump up and down like a drunk kangaroo.

Boston’s loudmouths Dropkick Murphys should take these San Francisco
gunslingers on tour for a marathon scream-contest.

Turn up the decibels and go aboard United Defiance‘s beer boat…


Pre-order here

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