28 August 2021

Who: Fiercely outspoken
gunslingers from London

New single: PRETTY SONGS

The Band: “The song really speaks for itself but it touches on direct action and is kind of a tongue in cheek critique on the new wave of ‘activists’ and ‘allies’ (including those in bands) we’ve seen grow over the past year or so, particularly those advocating for non-violence and passive resistance.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is awesome! I repeat, awesome! The way they ventilate their anger, frustration, and fury about white intolerant trash cuts like a first-class Swiss knife. It pumps you up and makes you want to hit the streets and kick some dreadful racists. And their explosive wall-of-towering sound, mixing rock and rap, resonates like cross-over-punk, which makes you even more combative. A pretty awesome small dunk!

“Black lives have always mattered, you were just never told so on TV.”

Damn bloody right…

You can buy the track via Bandcamp

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