Scottish Pop Dreamers POSTER PAINTS Charm With New Twinkling Single ‘NEVER SAW IT COMING’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

2 September 2021

(photo by Cat Gollock)

Who: Glasgow-based duo featuring Carla J. Easton,
an award nominated singer-songwriter, releasing four
critically acclaimed albums, writing for Belle & Sebastian
and BMX Bandits and Simon Liddell, a guitarist and composer
who was a member of the band Frightened Rabbit.


Press statement: “The fantastic Glasgow-based duo Poster Paints released
their new single Never Saw It Coming yesterday – think the big scuzzy guitars
of The Twilight Sad, the melodies of Teenage Fanclub and indie dream-pop
vocals of Camera Obscura, what’s not to love eh?”

Turn Up The Volume: I want to add some notable female voices to the
above press statement that popped up in my mind’s musical archive when
I heard this crystal pearl for the first time. The Sundays vox Harriet Wheeler,
Mazzy Star‘s enigmatic Hope Sandoval and Cocteau Twins‘ nightingale Elizabeth
. Impressive, right? This starry-eyed musing charms with its heartfelt,
emotive and romantic feel. Like a dream in motion.

Dim the lights, sit down, close
your eyes, relax and float away…

Also on Spotify


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