SUEDE – Magnificent Third Album ‘COMING UP’ Came Out 25 Years Ago Today

2 September 2021

Band: SUEDE (London)
Active: 1989–2003, 2010–present
8 studio albums so far

Anniversary album: COMING UP – third LP
Released: 2 September 1996 – 25 years ago today
Score: #1 in the UK, Sweden and Denmark

AllMusic wrote: “Brett Anderson carried on after Bernard Butler’s departure, adding
a teenage guitarist and restructuring the intent of Suede, if not the sound, for their third
album, Coming Up. The most striking thing about Coming Up is the simplicity. Gone are the grand, sweeping gestures of both Suede and Dog Man Star, leaving behind the glam, which is now spiked with an invigorating sense of self-belief… Though it doesn’t break any new ground for the band — unless you count the newfound sense of optimism — it’s a remarkable consolidation and crystallization of Suede’s talents and all the evidence anyone needs that
Brett Anderson was always the guiding force behind the band.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Many thought Suede would implode after musical force
Bernard Butler left, except for Brett Anderson. His self-confidence went through
the roof with a magnificent record of glam and glitter crackers as a result.
Towering trash all the way.

Singles: Trash / Beautiful Ones / Saturday Night




Full album…

SUEDE: All Albums

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