A Sonic Science-Fiction Odyssey – Portland’s Duo LORE CITY Float In Space On ‘PARTICPATION MYSTIQUE’

2 September 2021

Band: LORE CITY (Portland, Oregon)
Who: Art rock duo formed in 2011

Released: 23 July 2021

Album info: “A rare event happened in early 2020, something that occurs only once every 500 years. Saturn directly aligned with Pluto within the constellation of Capricorn. Essentially, hard lessons joined forces with transformational evolution regarding the infrastructure between the material and the spirit. Queued up in a world of limbo and revolution, Lore City tunneled into new songs, finally sending Alchemical Task to press in the early summer days. By then, they were halfway through Participation Mystique. Original Feeling cleared the way, and by the time Buttons materialized with somber holiness, they knew it was finished. Another installment for the continuum, its contents esoterically encyclopedic.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is really special. Imagine a sonic journey into space. A spiritual soundtrack for a science-fiction movie about the past, present and future all in one. A sort of medieval Shakespearean story for a symphonic Odyssey into the next century. I’m not so sure that what I just said makes sense, but these are thoughts that popped up in my mind when listening to Participation Mystique. This is music that triggers your favorite nightmares, you’ll never know what happens, whether it makes sense or not.

Laura Mariposa Williams‘ bewitching voice is the heroine of this record. Her psychedelic, gothic, far-out and at times wailing timbre magnetizes, hypnotizes while wandering in an orchestral space, driven by classical piano play and omnipresent drum rolls. An overall intriguing and absorbing experience.

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LORE CITY: Website

Written, arranged, recorded, and produced by Lore City
Mixed by Jason Powers
Mastered by Carl Saff

Artwork and design by Nancy L. Greco and Lore City

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