BEAK> Trigger The Pavlov’s Dog In You – Listen To Their New Trance Groove ‘AH YEH’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

4 September 2021

Band: BEAK> (Bristol UK)
Who: Krautrock addicts including Geoff Barrow (of Portishead),
Billy Fuller (Robert Plant’s Sensational Space Shifters) and Will
(Moon Gangs)

Active: Since 2009 / 3 studio albums so far

Turn Up The Volume: As so many Krautrock artists BEAK>
make music with their fingers on the repeat button over and
over again, so their circling grooves can go on like forever. It
makes me drooling like Pavlov’s dog, going into a trance the
moment the repetitive beats awake my ears.

Hypnotizing, magnetizing and mesmerizing. Doggy stuff!

Let your head spin freely…

Oh Yeh follows the earlier this year shared track Oh Know

BEAK>: Facebook

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