Hardest Working Acid House Junk On The Planet – LEG PUPPY Unleashed 6th Album

4 September 2021

Who: Acid house addict from London.

6th album – check all others on Bandcamp
Released: 27 August 2021
Order info: here

Turn Up The Volume: The hardest acid house junk on the (British) planet
strikes again just in time to turn the just reopened nightclubs into a techno
Utopia. Let the bleeps and beeps and the booms and the beats rule again.
Hungry bodies sweat again when juicy Cliff Richard blasts out of the huge
speakers. Dope people move and groove again like it’s 1999. E-cstatic.

Boris is not dope! Leg Puppy is dope!
Tories are not dope! Labour is dope!
This record is dope! House is dope!
The dance floor is dope! Utopia is dope!
Saturday’s fever is dope! You are dope!

Hey boys, hey girls,
superstar Puppy DJs, here we go…


Mixed and mastered by Exire
All tracks produced Leg Puppy & Exire
All tracks written by Leg Puppy
Guitars on ‘Algorithms You’re an Arsehole’ Simon Meek

‘Algorithms You’re an Arsehole’ feat Evie Blue
‘Turn it up Keith’ feat Violent Vickie

Sleeve design
Cristabel Christo

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