Portland Based Quartet KOALRA Drives On Jingle Jangle Jive ‘SIGHT UNSEEN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

5 September 2021

Who: Portland based quartet fusing the fuzz-fueled guitars
and loose rhythms of acts like Dinosaur Jr. to the experimental
soundscapes of artists such as Sonic Youth and The Cure.

New single: SIGHT UNSEEN
From their upcoming ‘Love Songs To Remind Us That We
Can’t Stand Each Other
‘ album.

The song touts a nostalgic blend of jangling guitars, yearning vocals,
and nocturnal synths, blending rock, pop, and post-punk.”

Turn Up The Volume: No, this isn’t the new single from The War Of Drugs
upcoming longplayer, but this scintillating stroke wouldn’t be out of place
on it. The jingle jangle jive, the melancholic melodiousness, the breezy
resonance and moony vocals all come together perfectly well.

It’s overall catching drive turns ‘Sight Unseen’ into a standout piece.
I’m sure Adam Granduciel would agree.

Check in here…

Also on Spotify

KOALRA: Facebook

(group pic via Gibberish Music PR)

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