British Psych Pop 4-Piece LIONS OF DISSENT Enthralls With Bittersweet Symphony ‘MEDICATE + ALLEVIATE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

6 September 2021

Band: LIONS OF DISSENT (Wolverhampton, UK)

Who: Having begun life as an abstract art collective, the last
5 years has been a sonic and visual gateway drug to where the
group stand today. A new line-up with new vision, armed with
new ideas, new conviction, and the best material they have
ever written.


Turn Up the Volume: The fever of The Verve‘s urban hymns,
the psychedelic groove of Oasis in slo-mo with 60s organs and
the captivating swagger of 90s Britpop. The final result is obvious.
A bittersweet blistering symphony. Touchdown!

‘Sweet Jane running down my veins’

Stream/buy here…

LIONS OF DISSENT: FacebookSpotify

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