Happy B. To Riot Pop Grrrl CHRISSIE!

7 September 2021

Christine Ellen Hynde was born on 7 September 1951
in Akron, Ohio, US. Happy 70 Chrissie! Forever young!

She formed world-famous pop/rock band the Pretenders in 1975 and became their primary singer-songwriter, guitarist and their gorgeous face. After all these years the band’s still going strong. So far they released 11 studio albums with Hate For Sale (2020)
as the most recent one.

Her flamboyance, her outspokenness, her huge pop songwriting skills
and her don’t mess with me rock chick girl appearance is still intact, she’s
just a little bit older. Coolness in motion.

Turn Up The Volume picked these
3 top Chrissie moments to celebrate
the eternal Riot pop grrrl’s birthday.


– 2000 MILES –

(Striking live performance)


(photo: from the front cover of her solo album ‘Stockholm’)


  1. Otto von Ruggins · September 7, 2021

    Too shy!


  2. Otto von Ruggins · August 14

    The second version of the video to Summer Days is up on Youtube @ https://youtu.be/iAf4qH_PoF8 – only 2 views, but the pixelated one has 33 views in first two days. So, check out these Mermaid Parade ladies as they dance to my music while I was videotaping them through the years – I wrote Summer Days a lifetime ago on April 28, 1967, thinking it was in The Rascals style. I came across the original piece of paper with the lyrics recently & after playing the old music, I figured it needed some new music for today, which I had created in the Spring during my break at work using my iPad. I use Bloc Waves as my band these days & was able to transfer many ideas into Ableton Live that needed lyrics to make them viable. Enter ‘Summer Days’ & my concept of the most familiar iconic event that ushers in the Summer – Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade! I have been videotaping these parades for over 30 years & this video is the pick of my best footage. As I worked on the video, I felt as though I had choreographed the participants to dance to my music & then captured it with my camera. There are some excellent clips that sync beautifully to the music. I just attended an Immersive Music event & can hear the individual tracks being used in an Immersive Mix. Someday, but probably not Summer Days! I was shocked to see someone who appeared to be my wife marching in the parade. Don’t miss these Ladies – they are special – if you never saw a Mermaid Parade, now you don’t have to use your imagination – it’s right on Youtube!


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