Addiction Guaranteed – DAILY WORKER Trips You Up With ‘MY DRUG’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 September 2021

Artist: DAILY WORKER (Austin, Texas via Alabama)
Who: The alter ego of prize-winning poet and
Cotton Mather guitarist Harold Whit Williams.

Out: 1 October 2021
More info: here

Lead single: title track MY DRUG

Turn Up The Volume: This is a sickly sticky dope tune, one that makes me
smile from left to right and back. My limbs, my ears and in the end my whole
body got activated after one spin and the same process repeated itself after
all the other spins. Catching pop earworms like this make you trip faster than
all those expensive meds fabricated by money-greedy multinationals (I know,
I was a victim once). One shot of this, and you’ll jump around the room like a

Addiction guaranteed.

the candy here…


5-track EP MY DRUG out 1 October – more info here

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