JOHN LENNON Released ‘IMAGINE’ Album 50 Years Ago Today

Back in time

9 September 2021

Artist: JOHN LENNON and Plastic Ono Band
Liverpool, 9 October 1940 – New York, 8 December 1980

Anniversary album: IMAGINE – 2nd solo LP
Released: 9 September 1971 – 50 years ago today

Rolling Stone wrote at the time: Imagine is John’s Self-Portrait. Most of it centers around issues which have already been dealt with on POB, only here handled less passionately and, strangely, less fastidiously as well. For POB, in its singing and instrumental work, was as much a triumph of artifice as of art. It managed to sound both spontaneous and careful, while Imagine is less of each. Even though it contains a substantial portion of good music, on the heels of POB it only seems to reinforce the questioning of what John’s relationship to rock really is. Full review here.

Turn Up The Volume: After the brilliant John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band debut LP
rocker Lennon wanted to rock again, which lead to an average longplayer, except
for a few exceptions and of course, the single Imagine (we’re all tired of hearing it,
meaning that it was a 24-Carat gold classic), a song they even know on Mars.



Full album…


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