Pop Pearl For An Indian Summer – THE HIGH LOVES Shine With Sunlit Single ‘SOMETIME’

New sonic strokes

9 September 2021

Who: Indie quintet out of Toronto, Canada

New single: SOMETIME

Marko Stojanovic (guitarist): “The solo was a bit of a challenge.
There’s a ton of ways you can express a single note and finding the
right one proved difficult. I’m thrilled with how it turned out in the

Jeremy Ugro: “We worked really hard not to overdo this song. We
knew we had a great groove, so all we had to do was not fuck it up.”

Turn Up The Volume: Fitting way to process a break-up? Writing a
feel-good tune to feel better when you’re a musician, and enjoying
that tune and feel better when you’re not a musician. ‘Sometime’ is a
spot-on example. It has everything a pop pearl needs. You can whistle
along, hum along and sing along. And it puts a satisfied smile on your
face whenever you play it, in the morning, in the evening and every
hour in between. Do you already feel better? I thought so.

Let’s feel good/better…


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