Deathgaze Duo VAZUM Puts A Spell On You With Surreal Single ‘WYTCH LYCH’

New sonic strokes

16 September 2021

Who: Deathgaze duo – Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm – from
Detroit, starting its journey together in 2019. They combine
the raw energy of deathrock with the depth of shoegaze.

New single: WYTCH LYCH
From upcoming album Unrated V.

Info: “The song is rich with drum machines and synthesizers in lieu
of distorted guitars. The premise of Wytch Lych is based on a master
of immortality who yearns to pass their secrets on to a worthy disciple.
The lyrics are sung in a mixture of Latin and English by vocalist/bassist
Emily Sturm.”

pescentes me
mea sunt animabus
quae est donum
quod est divinum

Turn Up The Volume: Sonically this surreal saga wouldn’t
be out of place on a Gary Numan album. Lyrically it’s like an
ode to the unknown eternity. In my imagination Wytch Lych
resonates like a funeral hymn, celebrating the imperishability
of the soul. Stunning vocals, striking synth shadows, and
an overall spellbinding impressiveness. Hail hail Vazum!

Stream/buy Wytch Lych here…

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can’t feel a thing
trapped in the wheel
of fate in the netherworld

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