NIRVANA Released Their Blustering Breakthrough LP ‘NEVERMIND’ 30 Years Ago Today

24 September 2021

Active: 1987-1994 / 2 studio albums

R.I.P. Kurt Cobain
Aberdeen, 20 februari 1967 – Seattle, 5 april 1994

Anniversary album: NEVERMIND
Released: 24 September 1991 – 30 years ago today

Billboard says: “Nevermind took Nirvana to an entirely different plain. It’s heavy, yes.
It’s loud and aggressive, too. But it’s the songwriting and glossy pop production courtesy
of Butch Vig that set this album far apart from its contemporaries. Cobain’s innate sense of melody was front and center; his punk, you-can’t-fire-because-I-quit ethos were in your face; and the loud-soft dynamics served as barbed hooks, drawing listeners into his world. The lyrics were personal, opaque, and often dark, but also playful, and this dynamic gave Nevermind a familiarity to listeners, who felt as if they knew Cobain… The Seattle-based alt-rock trio hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 – unseating Michael Jackson – with its major-label debut and ushered in the age of grunge.”

Turn Up The Volume: The magnum opus that made grunge a worldwide (commercial) phenomenon. Nevermind the bollocks, Cobain and his mates rocked their asses off while Kurt Cobain wrote about his life in his songs.

Singles/clips: Smells Like Teen Spirit / Come As You Are / Lithium




Full album…

NIRVANA: HistoryAll Albums

An anniversary Deluxe Edition comes out on 27 May 2022. More info here

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