New Spoken Word Single By NICK CAVE – Hear Poetic Piece ‘SHYNESS’

24 September 2021

Today NICK CAVE shared a new track called SHYNESS. A spoken word musing as
an answer to questions he received from two fans, Daniel and Vera, back in 2019.

Daniel: “What is shyness?”
Vera: “What was your first date with your wife like?”

Cave responded with the song: “Shyness is the tentative sound of the orchestra tuning
up before the symphony begins. It is a beautiful, fractured piece of music in itself. It is the orchestra attempting to find its shared intent and is over all too quickly if you ask me.”

About his wife Susie: ““My wife, Susie, has a hummingbird shyness. In social situations she displays herself for a magical, weightless moment then darts away. It is as if she is so acutely tuned into the inherent discomfort of others, whether they display it or not, that the situation becomes overwhelming. She is a rare thing, an exhibitionist that hates to be seen.”

Hear the intimate and poetic storiette here…

NICK CAVE: The Red Hand Files Website where he answers questions from fans

(Image: cover of Cave’s album ‘The Boatman’s Call’)

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