JONAS AND I – Melancholic Pop Sparks Of Hope On New Album WHERE FROM HERE

4 October 2021

Band: Pop duo – Jonas Ursin and Roope Hakkarainen – playing
pop music with its heart in folk. They gained a lot of praises
with their 2016 debut LP These Days.

Released: 24 September 2021

“Musically and story-wise, the theme of the new album is change.
The album goes through awkward but joyfully liberating stages in
front of a new beginning. Stylistically, it still relies on familiar pop
folk, but influences are heard from country and more beating indie
and rock music.”

Turn Up The Volume: As our wounded world breathes a sigh of relief
now that the Covid-19 crisis seems to be under control, twinkling and
sparkling pop records of change and hope and restarting again ring like
bells announcing a new beginning. Which happens right here. Although
the songs have a melancholic and reflective touch – are we there yet? –
better times are ahead of us.

Rich orchestrations, tingling melodiousness, feel-good arrangements,
and wistful vocality, it’s all there to please your ears.

Here we go…

JONAS AND I: Facebook

Produced by Roope Hakkarainen and Jonas Ursin
Recorded by Roohe Hakkarainen and Jonas Ursin
Mixed by Roope Hakkarainen
Mastered by Oskari Olkkonen (soundear)
Cover art by c.Kritzelt
Cover Desing by Lasse Hartikainen and Jonas and I

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