Swedish Songsmiths GREAT HARE On A Romantic Island Again With Their New Single ‘ARCHIPELAGO DREAMS’

New striking strokes

6 October 2021

Who: Swedish pop songsmiths
dreaming to stay awake.


As Great Hare profile them frequently as dreamers I’m pretty sure – judging by
the song’s title – this new tune is inspired by a book 2011 book by R.J. Cole called
The Archipelago of Dreams: The Island of the Dream Healer about somebody
leaving his body allowing his spirit to travel freely, with the guidance of a wizard
mentor, searching for the dream of life. More info here.

Yes, the Gothenburg romantics muse again on their romantic island. Like the Scottish sentimentalists Teenage Fanclub they prefer la-la land above reality, confirming it once again with this electrifying guitar pop reverie. And, yes, even metalhead Ozzy Osbourne loves to dream as he once sang: “I’m just a dreamer / I dream my life away / I’m just a dreamer / Who dreams of better days.”

Close your eyes and enjoy…

GREAT HARE: Facebook

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