WOLF VANWYMEERSCH Praises His Queen Of Grace

Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 October 2021

(photo by Julian Hills)

Who: The maestro of Belgian post-punk
crusaders Elefant and the guitarist of former
power-pop rockers The Van Jets

The 3rd shared piece from his upcoming solo debut EP,
out next month, after Not To and Friendly Is Better .
You can buy all three tracks on Bandcamp

Turn Up The Volume: “I found my god in a garbage can at the corner
of the graveyard of man”
must be the opening line of the year. It also
starts a shadowy beauty of a song. Both moody and reflective, but also
graceful and intimately blissful. Pure singer-songwriter splendour. By the
way, I can’t remember when I heard a sparkling bouzouki sound and it
works subtly great here.

Wolf loves his Queen. She’s his muse.

Watch/listen and enjoy here…

Ps: I’m not happy with an EP, I want a full album.

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