British Post-Punk Revolters SHATTERCONES Unleash Demons On New EP ‘THIS SEPTIC ISLE’

11 October 2021

Who: Frustrated noiseniks from London

Released: 1st October via Gare Du Nord Records.

When their fulminating single Butterly Room came out (an acrimonious
reflection on the state of chaotic Brexit England) I called these four raging
post-punk revolters the Four Horsemen of the Great Britain Apocalypse. Their
second EP confirms this description with unbridled intenseness and stunning
songwriting bringing the sinister force of The Birthday Party to mind.

Opener Ghoul Driver sets the tremendously torrid tone of this jaw-dropping
extended play. It’s an ominous trance-like outburst that threatens to explode
any second with a nervous violin initiating the expected blood-and-guts finale.

Say Goodbye both surprises and impresses with its longing Mexican tango
melodiousness. Melancholic trumpets, a weeping violin, and banjo-like guitar
gusto. And again the vocals are utterly impassioned. A touching video clip
visualizes this heavy-hearted gem.

As said above Butterfly Room is a fulminating blast and closer The Man Ate
progresses at a funeral pace. Lamenting and dolesome. Seems
like capitalism is the deceased.

Conclusion: one of the most fascinating EPs I heard all year.

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