Crossover Noiseniks SAVING JACKIE Dropped Video Clip For Inspiring Single ‘IT’S CRITICAL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

17 October 2021

Who: Heated gang from San Antonio, Texas


Last June Saving Jackie released their new album It’s Critical.
A bad-ass bulldozer of a record. A fresh video clip for their
newest single, the title track, premiered two days ago.

The single is a fiery fireball rolling with zappy zest, with
Jenny 4C Ramirez, a female Zack de la Rocha, blustering
with Sturm und Drang passion, as we know her, backed
by her battering beards.

The clip is full of pep, briskness and vivid verve
with Ramirez emphasizing the fight for your life
bravery that’s needed to survive dire diseases.

Don’t be deceived, It’s Critical!
Rise & Fight for your life you’re a Miracle
Don’t be deceived, Rise & Fight for your Life!

Listen/watch right here…

PS: Jenny Ramirez wearing a Johnny Cash T-shirt in the clip is utterly cool

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