Centipede JAMES DOMESTIC Spits And Sneers On New Vitriolic Solo Single ‘FAZE OUT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

18 October 2021

Who: Member of former hardcore gangs The Domestics), plus Pi$$er,
Tokyo Lungs
and half a dozen more. Domestic is a cultural centipede:
poet, DJ, singer/songwriter, doctorate owner, producer, East Anglian
legend and inspirator of young punk bands.

A hard-working man: “I’ll write three in my head, forget one, demo two,
and throw one of those away ‘cos it’ll be crap…the third one will be great

Debut solo single: FAZE OUT
First cut from upcoming album
titled Carrion Repeating

Turn Up The Volume: Faze Out is a slash and trash jackhammer,
an angry spit and sneer storm, a Sturm und Drang firestarter, 143
seconds of furious frustration is what you get. Retro organs clatter
like if a nightmare is just around the corner, but Domestic sounds
like he’s a determined survivor who will not go down just like that.

Fucktastic rant!

Sucked into the vortex / it’s a Faze out /
you feel just like you’ll fade out


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