Anthem For Our Doomed Generation – THE MANIC BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB Unleashed Knockout… ‘BLACKED OUT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

19 October 2021

Who: Indie siblings, Bela and Fernando Ferrieira,
from Toronto, Canada

“Raised strict Catholics, children of immigrant parents, and sent away
to live in rural Portugal with their grandmother — who had previously
been a nun — The Manic Boys and Girls Club is more than a band. It
is an escape from the submissive existence that was reality, an escape
from the disposable music packaged for the masses, and an escape
for any misfit looking to join the club.”

New single: BLACKED OUT

“A cry for help disguised as an upbeat dance floor banger. We’re lost,
overmedicated, depressed, and hiding behind bathroom selfies, late
nights, and lip gloss.”

Turn Up The Volume: When surreality becomes reality cry outs like these
pop up to translate alienated feelings that dominate your daily life. This club
of two decided to embed their frustration into a swirling dance stunner for our
doomed generation. Pithy, punchy, and a catching chorus that sticks as primo
glue. Add glamorous vocals and a glittering, full-on wall-of-sound and the final
result is an instant knockout stroke.

Last night I blacked out
It’s all I can do to forget about
Back home, back then
And all the things that I haven’t found
I miss the place where I grew up
I miss the ones that I love
Last night I blacked out
It happens more than I talk about it


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