Götterdämmerung 2021 – German Goths VLIMMER Impress With Their Debut LP ‘NEBENKÖRPER’

21 October 2021

Who: German goths based in Berlin who
fabricated/released 18 EPs (!) before this debut LP

Released: 24 September 2021 through Blackjack Illuminist Records

Turn Up The Volume: ‘The Times They Are A-Changin‘ sang Bob Dylan back in 1964,
and yes the world changed and is still changin’ but in the wrong direction (again).

Ruthless, political autocrats and maniacal swindlers rule again (so what’s new?), oppressing people for their own avaricious purposes. If that isn’t enough our
restless world got knocked out by the devastating coronavirus crisis.

Apocalypse Now? It looks like it.

If we need to go down let’s do it with a fitting soundtrack. Nebenkôrper is a non-stop tsunami of synth-scary doom and gloom thunder. At times with a weird sort of dark
opera chants (Mutem / Minusgesicht / Kartenwarten), at times with Front 242 shockers
(Ad Astra / Wangendrück / I.P.A.), at times with hallucinatory bangers (Meter / Kron), but
always with infuriating intensity and wall-breaking orchestration from start to climax.

Götterdämmerung 2021? Absobloodylutely!

Single/clip: I.P.A.

Stream/buy the full nightmare here…

VLIMMER: Facebook

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