Have A Healthy Portion Of Funky ‘MADNESS’ With THE LAGOONS

Daily electricity to load your batteries

22 October 2021

Who: A couple California boys
with a California sound

New single: MADNESS feat. Jelly Ellington

The song “takes inspiration from both 90s music and the classic
rock of the 70s which was so lyrically reflective of its era. The song
is off of our forthcoming album It’s Madness!, due later this year”

Turn Up The Volume: After a play that funky music intro it’s groovin’
and movin’ to an infectious beat flavored with glossy horns and Prince
echoing guitar sparks. A smooth soulful voice navigates through the vivid
vibe and creates a relaxing ambiance. Move your furniture, hang that disco
ball from the ceiling, inhale a healthy portion of madness, and sway your
hips sensually to The Lagoons.

Love is in the air…


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