DURAN DURAN – Glam And Glitter On The Wild Boys’ New Album ‘FUTURE PAST’

24 October 2021

Band: DURAN DURAN (Birmingham, UK)
Active: Since 1978 / 14 studio albums so far

New album: FUTURE PAST
Released: 22 October 2021 via Tape Modern/BMG

Ultimate Classic Rock Magazine says: “That album title looks
ahead as much as it glances backward, and the music itself aims
to combine these moments in time, as well. But Duran Duran are
at their best here when they don’t try to escape their legacy – like
how “Tonight United” adopts the new wave bounce of “Planet Earth”
for yet another new decade. Embrace it, guys. You’ve earned that right.”

Turn Up The Volume: Today the veteran wild boys sound exactly
like the young wild boys of 40 years ago. The same old glam and
glitter, but also the same old catchiness. It’s called growing older
in style and with pop grace.

Singles/clips: Invisible / Give It All Up / Anniversary




Full album…


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