BUKVE – Norwegian Singer/Songwriter Magnetizes With New Emotive Single ‘DROWN’

New sonic strokes

25 October 2021

(Striking artwork by Achilleas Gatsopoulos, based on an old painting by Bukve’s great grandma, Alfhild Fossan)

Artist: BUKVE
Who: It’s the solo project of songwriter Sveinung Fossan Bukve
from Norway. His sound varies in a familiar world of indie pop
and alternative pop. His debut album is in the making.

New single: DROWN

Only his second one. His soulful debut single
Let Me Go Son caught the attention of BBC Radio. Pretty cool.

Drown is a soothing song centered around a repetitive, groovy beat
and shiny guitar glimmer bringing The War On Drugs to mind. Bukve‘s
tranquil vocals add an extra dreamy dimension to this emotive and
melancholic pearl. A classy composition.

Sit down and relax…

BUKVE: Facebook

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