And The Winner Is… MOGWAI

27 October 2021

Glaswegian noise explores MOGWAI scored best Scottish Album Of The Year
the first time in their career, with their 10th LP AS THE LOVE CONTINUES,
released last April.

Stuart Braithwaite (guitarist) represented the band to receive the trophy and
£20,000 at Usher Hall in Edinburgh last weekend. He dedicated the award to the
group’s long-time booking agent Mike Griffiths, who passed away earlier this month.

“I really was not expecting this. I have not thought of anything to say other than thank you and I wish I’d got steaming,” Braithwaite said (via The Scotsman). “This has been a really mental year for the band. Loads of things have happened that we didn’t think would happen and this is just another. This is nuts” said Braithwaite.

Stream the celebrated 5-star longplayer here…

MOGWAI: All Albums

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