Ska-Goth Freaks GRAVE DANGER Are Gearing Up To Punk Up Your Halloween Graveyard Party

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 October 2021

Who: Kooky ska-goth (ska what??)
band from Berkeley, California


This is the accompanying message: “Tis the spooky season
for ska-goth (“skath”) collective Grave Danger, who return from
the, uh– grave, with the brand new single “Specter Inspector”

Turn Up The Volume: I dare you not to fall over your feet when
jumping around like a kangaroo on speed at your local cemetery
to this punked-up ska haymaker. Halloween was invented to give
the opportunity for all wackos to freak out for one night without
being arrested.

Invite these eccentrics and your graveyard party will go down in
history as the one where the death woke up from their grave and
danced their skeleton ass off. Hallelujah!

Invite some zombies too and go ballistic…

Stream/buy ‘Specter Inspector’ here…


Also available via Apple Music

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