SEA FEVER – Manchester Pop Orchestra Scores With Their Swirling Debut Album ‘FOLDING LINES’

27 October 2021

Who: Synth-guitar-pop
5-piece from Manchester

Sea Fever about starting the group: “We’d wanted to work with each other
for ages, so when we finally sat down in the studio, the band just seemed to
come together naturally. It felt like we were really free to explore the kinds of
music that has always inspired us, we dug right through the record crates
of our minds to shape the sound of Sea Fever.”

Debut album: FOLDING LINES
Available via Apple Music.

Turn Up The Volume: If you sound like a symphonic pop orchestra you
have my attention, instantly. This is an earworm-packed debut you need
to spin a couple times on repeat to discover all multi-musical-dimensions.

If you combine flashing guitars, scintillating synths, symphonic strings, and
sprightly vocals in versatile melodiousness the final score is a most thrilling

References? Talk Talk (Under Duress / Folding Lines / Afterthought), New Order
(Le Coup / De Facto) and Duran Duran (Crossed Wires / Built To Last). Sparkling,
right? You betcha.

Discover Folding Lines here…

SEA FEVER: Website

The full orchestra

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