VIOLET NOX – Psychedelic Boston Orchestra Transfers You To Another Galaxy

New striking strokes

4 November 2021

Band: VIOLET NOX (Boston, MA)

Who: Electronic-experimental, dark ambient, sonic cosmic drone
collaborative project with spacey shoegaze textural walls of sound,
using synths, guitar, effect pedals, turntables, vocals, drum machines,
and beats.

(Cover Art by Jeff Bartell)

From their 2020 EP Future Fast
remixed by J Baptist

Violet Nox operate in another galaxy somewhere in space where ambient
music floats above the otherwordly scenery. Super Fan is part of the soundtrack
up there. Trippy, spacey, and mind-relaxing with its repetitive eurhythmics. It feels
virus-free, utopian, and cosmic. A synth hallucination with echoes of German legends Tangerine Dream.

Enter the Violet Nox spaceship here

VIOLET NOX: Facebook

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