With Or Without You VHS COLLECTION Shine On Electro Pop Beauty ‘SPACE BETWEEN US’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

13 November 2022

Who: Electro-pop trio from New York City

New album: NIGHT DRIVE – 2nd LP
Release: February 2022

Striking artwork


“‘Space Between Us’ is immersed in the desire to put aside the trivial things
in life and be at peace with the one you love. We wrote this song several years
ago but hadn’t come up with a production we liked. The version you hear now
is the result of several attempts, combining electronics and a pop-goes-new-wave
groove with influence from U2’s “With or Without You.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is an electronic dazzler that sticks from the get-go
starting with that glowing intro of U2’s classic gem With Or Without, but sliding
trippingly into an electronic beauty of its own. Space Between Us transfers you
to la-la land making you forget the difficult times we live in for a while.

The shiny synths and harmonious vocal dreaminess will make you feel the
sweetest thing on a beautiful day in the city where the streets have no name.

Float along right here…


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