Electrifying Guitar Stroke – Listen To The New Single ‘MERMAID FROM L.A.’ By BEALBY POINT

New sonic impulses

15 November 2021

Who: Indie rockers from
Vancouver, British Columbia

New single: MERMAID FROM L.A.

“You can make yourself believe that someone is perfect for you and begin to
dream of scenarios of the two of you together, developing a beautiful relationship.
All the while, this idea in your head is most likely not representative of who this person
actually is. The “Mermaid From L.A.” is a metaphor for this love of your life that has been crafted in your own self-interest, failing to acknowledge both sides of a relationship.”

Turn Up The Volume: Wanna relax? Listen to this lazy, lovey-dovey vibration
and you feel your pressure level drop significantly. After a short bass intro, groovy
Freak Le Chic guitars kick in and this cracker starts sounding like a lost track from a
The Strokes LP.

Play it at home, on your car radio, at work, in the gym, in the pub and everywhere
else within 24 hours and have yourself a de-stressing day while dreaming about your
own gorgeous mermaid.

Stream/buy the single here…


(Photo by Sam Fazio)

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