Maximum Punk ‘N Roll With Swedish Tornado THE HIVES In Antwerp, Belgium

16 November 2021

Who: Sweaty Swedish punk rockers led by the awesome Howlin’ Pelle
Active: Since 1993 / (only) 5 studio LPs / last year they recorded a heavily
charged live album for Jack White‘s Third Man Records.

Concert: Roma Venue, Antwerp, Belgium – 15 November 2021

My oh my, I’ve seen these Swedish adrenalin-fueled punk clowns several times
but every gig feels like it’s the first one. Their spectacular energy is off the charts,
their whirlwind SHOW is earthshaking and their punch-punk slam dunks are like
exploding Molotov cocktails. Screaming loudmouth and stand-up comedian Howlin’
still leads the storming troops. He declared himself King Of Belgium for the night.
His first act as our fresh nation-leader was destroying the venue’s policy of decibels restriction, euphorically received by an out-of-their-minds crowd.

Almost 30 years after hitting the wild rock ‘n’ knock scene and setting countless stages around the globe on fire these bad-ass North European motherrockers still bloody know how to unite a beer-throwing and fist-pumping audience in a hysterical moshpit with their red-hot-smoking greatest hits set. And every time Pelle and blitzkrieg guitarist Nicholaus Arson join the frenzied fans the roof goes off the building.

New King of Belgium

To close the amazeballs Tyrannosaurus Hives party Pelle splits (as usual) the crowd
right down the middle creating a path for himself. Once at the back of the hall, he
starts to inflame us all, until he sprints like a madman towards the podium while
the Tic Tic Boom bomb goes off.

Absolutely-fucking-insane! I don’t hate to tell you so that THE HIVES ARE FOREVER!

Ever seen them live? No? Here’s a loud and
clear idea of their roasting live craziness…


Come On!
Main Offender
Go Right Ahead
Paint a Picture
Won’t Be Long
Good Samaritan
Walk Idiot Walk
Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones
My Time Is Coming
See Through Head
Hate to Say I Told You So


I’m Alive
Play Video
Try It Again
Play Video
Tick Tick Boom

THE HIVES: Facebook

(All live photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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