SPOON Celebrate Christmas THE BEATLES WAY

18 November 2021

Texan rockers SPOON, led by energetic frontman/songwriter Britt
canned their 9th full-length Hot Thoughts and will it throw at
the world on 17 March 2022 via Matador Records.

But first things first. A cover of a 1967 Beatles Xmas song
titled Christmas Time Is Here Again as part of the Spotify
Singles Holiday Edition 2021

Daniel: “Recording ‘Christmas Time Is Here Again’ was a group effort that
pulled us away from rehearsals and sent us speeding down a path fueled by
what you might call the Christmas spirit. And it’s our song with the most band
members doing vocals ever – pretty sure you can count four.

All together now…

The 1967 Beatles original, initially written for all members of their fan club …

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