20 November 2021

Band: CONVERGE feat. CHELSEA WOLFE and also
contributions from Cave In man Stephen Brodsky
Who: Longtime metalcore noiseniks from Boston
featuring the Goth heroine
Active: Since 1990 / 10 studio LPs (new one included)

New album: BLOODMOON I
Released: 19 November 2021

The A.V. Club says: “It’s Wolfe and Brodsky that really distinguish this new crop,
adding several bona fide duets to the Converge songbook and largely reducing the
larynx-shredding bark of lead screamer Jacob Bannon to an occasional flourish.

Bloodmoon thrives whenever Wolfe is cooing and crooning into the mic—she brings an emotional texture that’s simply outside Bannon’s range. Brodsky, on the other hand, has
the tendency to tilt his former full-time bandmates toward the sound of his current ones”.
Full review here.

Turn Up The Volume: Don’t expect that this album turned into something totally
surprising because Wolfe and Brodsky were invited by Converge to their sacred

But the colluding collaboration generates even more darkness to Boston‘s noise
freaks’ trademark pitch-black darkness with Chelsea‘s spellbinding vox adding an
obscure sensuality. The ghostly gathering is a grueling marathon of almost one
hour. It’s a celebration of all things gloomy and doomy. A rollercoaster of clashing,
slashing and trashing.

Singles: Blood Moon / Coil


– COIL –

Stream album here…

CONVERGE: Facebook

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