THE WAR ON DRUGS Sparkle On American TV

The by now world famous THE WAR ON DRUGS released their highly praised
fifth album I DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE at the end of last month.

Pitchfork said: “Every musical element from vintage synthesizers to even-more
vintage guitars is honed and cut clean, chipping off some of the hazier edges of
the band without losing the methodical and gorgeous production that Granduciel
and his co-producer, Shawn Everett, have mastered.”
Score: 8.5.

As usual, when a new album comes out it’s followed by all kinds of promo (TV/interviews/gigs). Same process for The War On Drugs who played on the
American TV Show Jimmy Kimmel Late two days ago, playing a sparkling version
of the LP’s title track…

Full LP on Spotify…

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