Italian Spotify Stars PEAKS! Warn For ‘BLACK GUNS And WHITE DRUGS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

22 November 2021

Band: PEAKS!
Who: Alt Rock duo from the North of Italy who entered
the stage of music towards the end of 2020 with their jaw
dropping debut song Blackout which has a phenomenal
score of more than 1 million Spotify streams by now. WOW!


Single artwork

“The song is about how technology is affecting our lives nowadays. We’re hyperconnected
but we still can’t find real connections between people. You shot us down with Black Guns
and White Drugs‘ is a metaphor about how we depend on devices and contents on social
media and the whole online sphere.”

Turn Up The Volume: The bluesy swagger of Royal Blood, the bulldozing force of
Death From Above and a call to arms chorus inviting you to test your lungs’ capacity.

Get the picture? Yes, this wham bam glam banger is one to play at max volume.
To hell with virtuality, throw your laptop out of the window and return to reality
again, folks!

Stand up and fight for your right to kick Big Brother up the ass!

Right here, right now…

PEAKS!: Facebook

(Images via Circular Wave PR)

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