Northern Irish Songwriter LEE ROGERS Stays Alive With The BEE GEES

23 November 2021

(photo by Ken Haddock)

Who: Singer-songwriter from the small
town of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.

Early November this warm Americana voice from Northern Ireland
released an 6-track EP called DARK NOTIONS. An arresting extended
play of six sweet little pearls.

One of the songs is a BEE GEES cover of their 1977 STAYIN’ ALIVE and it’s quite striking.

No helium-affected vocals, no glamorous disco flamboyance. Rogers slows the classic down, drenches it in a nostalgic sepia bath, and gives it a haunting and soul-stirring
twist corresponding with the somber lyrics.

Top version…

The brothers Gibb original…

LEE ROGERS: Facebook

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