Hell Yeah! SPEED CONTROL Blow Off The Roof With New Single ‘DANGER PAY’

New striking strokes

24 November 2021

Who: Smoking rockers from
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canadian

New single: DANGER PARTY
New piece off upcoming EP

“The story of 2 brothers off to war but also an allegory for how,
when things get tough, you fall back to those you consider family.”

Score: This is a stonking sledgehammer going out of control along its
rushing race. Well, they slow down at one point to give the drummer
and bassist some room to breathe and reload their batteries for a mad
deafening-and-clamorous finish. Imagine paranoid titans Black Sabbath
fronted by a full-frontal frontman screaming louder Iron Maiden‘s Bruce
. Holy shit! Alert your neighbors before this roasting brainbreaker
starts crushing your speakers.

Get on the back of your horse and run to the hills! Hell yeah!

Fall back to you your brothers
You wanted to be the one who saves them from hell

Stream/buy ‘Danger Play’ here…


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