New Year’s Eve Party Firework With LENNY BULL And New Single ‘ELEVATOR’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 December 2021

Who: Canadian rawk ‘n’ roll addict

New single: ELEVATOR

Bull: “Elevators, like relationships, go up and down, take you towards a destination,
make you wait, feel claustrophobic. Relationships can be a drag, and my blistering
new single “Elevator” tackles that feeling of being stuck in a bad situation without
getting down about it! I want you to listen and feel energized instead of drained;
motivated instead of weary.”

Score: Let the good times roll. Bull scurries and flurries with pizzazz on her
new retro-riff-ripper causing a prompt stimulation of your muscles. Play this
sassy stroke on your New Year’s Eve party between Joan Jett‘s anthem ‘I Love
Rock ‘N Roll’
and The Donnas punk quake ‘Take It Off’ and enjoy your elevating
end-of-the-year firework at midnight. whoopee!

Hit the bullseye here, partygoers…

LENNY BULL: Facebook

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