THE LINDA LINDAS Have A Cat Playing Piano On New Single Called ‘NINO’

3 December 2021

The half Asian/half Latinx family (sisters, cousins and some friends) calling
themselves THE LINDA LINDAS went viral on YouTube last May with a loud
and clear
power-pop song called Racist, Sexist Boy played live a Los Angeles
(watch here).

The cool teenagers followed it
up with catchy single Oh!

And now they have a special one. It’s about frontgirl Bela‘s cat
Nino that was jealous of Bela‘s other cat Monica that already got
a Linda Lindas song last year.

The LLs: “If you listen carefully, there is a real-life, remarkably talented
cat named Lil Dude playing piano on ‘Nino’. We have the footage! Enjoy!

While waiting for that footage,
let’s miaow here along with Nino


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