New York Songster DMITRY WILD Rocks On His Own On ‘DON’T NEED ANYBODY’

New striking strokes

3 December 2021

Who: Rocker, poet, writer
and actor from New York


“‘Don’t Need Anybody’ offers an introspection and resolution that you don’t need anybody’s approval, digital or physical, for you to accept yourself for who you are. Also, to really truly live, all you need is some time, peace and your own soul to guide you an emotion that gets yelled out through the microphone.”

(pic by The Rostislaff)

Score: The sassy swagger of The Strokes, the gusto blues groove of The Black Keys and a Chuck Berry guitar solo. That should do it to get your muscles, your bloodstream and your epinephrine production activated. Rock ‘n’ roll never ages, never fades, never downgrades. Ask Dmitry Wild, he knows all the tricks to have yourself a ball in your living room while nobody’s looking. Me, myself, and I for 155 seconds. Go for it, folks…

DMITRY WILD: Facebook – More WILD on Bandcamp

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