Amazing Artwork! Synth Maestro JEAN MICHEL JARRE 45 Years Ago

Who: French composer/producer seen as one of the
pioneers in electronic, ambient and new-age genres.

Born: 73 years ago in Lyon, France
Active: 1969-present / 21 studio LPs
and multiple soundtracks.

Artwork: Cover of his third LP called OXYFENE,
released 45 years ago, on 2 December 1976.

Image: A 30 cm × 40 cm watercolour painting Oxygène at a
Michel Granger (famous French visual artist) exhibition. Jarre
bought the painting and told Granger “he’d love to use it as an
album cover”. Granger later said: That picture is the best known
of all my work. It’s my Mona Lisa. But I don’t feel like it belongs
to me anymore. It belongs to anyone who loves the music
of Jean-Michel Jarre.”

Full album via Spotify…


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