Psychedelic Break-Up Solace – KING BLACK ACID Move And Groove Along

Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 December 2021

Band: KING BLACK ACID (Portland, Oregon)
Who: A collective of musical misfits who are arranged
and orchestrated by founding member Daniel Riddle

New single: MOVE ALONG

“Move Along is a twisted tale told from the perspective of a dreamer
too stubborn to give up on love, even after a lifetime plagued with
defeat. The hooky stoner pop motif is riddled with seemingly sporadic
guitar scrizz/noises accenting the clumsy narrator’s melodic journey
through endless fumbling romantic failures.”

Turn Up The Volume: Pixies‘ swagger, The Black Angels‘ psychedelic colors
and The Dandy Warhols‘ riff catchiness. All served with a 60s melodic flavor.
This rollicking mover and groover works perfectly after a heartbreaking-up
romance. And so much cheaper than a shrink. Deal!

Stream/buy ‘Move Along’ here…


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