FELINE And STRANGE – No Merry Christmas With These Berlin Cabaret Weirdos

Daily electricity to load your batteries

8 December 2021

Who: A Dark Cabaret band based in Berlin. With
an operatic voice, punk piano, metal cello and mad
synths, they create music which is unparalleled.

Your Xmas guests…

New single: NOLIDAYS

If you do not want a boring Xmas this year, you should invite
these cabaret weirdos for your turkey diner, so you can all have
a go at Santa. Feline and Strange will take care of the Xmas tree
music with their new traditional-sounding carol Nolidays.

An angelic beauty that will melt your hearts with its fuck off Santa
message. That shameless imposter works for American, money-greedy
chain-store Toys R Us since Christ was born. No mercy folks, kick Kriss
in his jingle bells. Party time!

Sing along…

Don´t save cookies for Santa Claus,
while the banter claws away your skin.
You can´t rent a Claus, but you still can eat
although Santa´s boot will kick your sorry butt
to Northpole and back again, hosianna!


(Photo by Merlin J. Noack)

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