Toronto Riders FUCKED UP Launch 14-Minute Short Film For ‘YEAR OF THE HORSE’

Eye-catching clips

10 December 2021

Who: Experimental noise explores from Toronto making
electrical hardcore waves for 20 years now / 5 studio LPs (so far).

Last May the FUCKED UP Toronto launched another part
of their Chinese Zodiac series called YEAR OF THE HORSE
containing four acts with contributions from The National’s
Matt Berninger
and Julien Baker among others.

Turn Up The Volume wrote back then: “Fucked Up go on
a knock-down-and-drag-out expedition while switching from
loud to quiet and vice versa, from hardcore to prog-rock sketches,
from intimidating to relaxing, from cinematic to symphonic, from
trippy to jazzy. Totally Godspeeded-and-freaked-up.

And they just shared a 14-minute short
film visualizing the album’s story.

Watch the horse of 2021 wandering through
the fields and the woods on its way to the night…

Stream full album…

FUCKED UP: Instagram

(band photo: cover of ‘Epic In Minutes’ album)

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