MODERN MOXIE Move With Heart-And-Soul-Touching Pearl ‘WEEPING WILLOW’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 December 2021

(Brilliant artwork)

Who: Hailing from a small South Carolina town,
multi-instrumentalist Madison Lucas took up songwriting in
college, mostly confined to her dorm room closet. By 2011,
she found herself with enough songs to make an album. In
the years following, Lucas would form Modern Moxie alongside.

(photo by Lindsey Miler)


“A song about missing childhood and the deep connection to nature
that can be lost with youth. A yearning for time spent climbing trees
and being disconnected from the terror and turmoil of the outside

The song was written during a traumatic period when Madison‘s brother,
, was admitted to the hospital after a MS flare-up, resulting from an
experimental treatment he underwent.

Turn Up The Volume: Traditionally, late in the year, not much new music is
released, except for an abundance of cheesy Xmas tunes. Modern Moxie think
differently and just dropped one of the most impassioned and sweet pearls
I heard all year. Singer-songwriter Madison Lucas ‘ vox instantly touched my
heart and soul. Her riveting voice fits perfectly well between heavenly singers
Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen. Yes, that gripping good.

Weeping Willow has that nostalgic, sepia-colored, and magical feel we, adults,
are familiar with. Looking back at good times gone. This wistful lullaby brings
tears to your eyes. A genuine, wondrous Xmas humdinger.

Do you remember?
We used to play outside
in the middle of the night
Do you remember?
that time we blew up on the news
blame it on the booze

Buy/stream ‘Weeping Willow’ here…


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