Cathartic Songwriting In A Greenhouse – ‘IMustBe Leonardo’ Finds Rest

13 December 2021

Artist: IMustBe Leonardo
Who: Berlin-based singer-songwriter

New album: PUNK TO REST

The story: “In early April this year, after a blood test, my doctor told me “You must be gentler with your liver. No alcohol and no junk food for a month. Next blood test on May 11th… My parents live in the countryside of Locorotondo, a small town in Southern Italy, in a sort of self-sustaining two-people nation. Every morning they collect vegetables from their garden. They cook using their self-produced olive oil… I booked a flight, I called them and said “I’m coming. I’ll be there for three weeks. You can finally make me a healthy guy”. On April 11th I put a couple of mics, some pedals and an audio interface in my bag, and left… I asked my father to free a small space for me in their messy greenhouse… I wrote and recorded the songs between April 13th and May 1st. On May 3rd I left for Berlin… It seems my liver is better now.”

The Music: Saddened shadows of Jeff Buckley ( A Man To Tell A Story About / Kima / A Little Boy), punked-up Eels madness (More or Less? / Radio Strip / Remains), and intimate Bonnie Prince Billy moments (It Ain’t Just Me / Home Delivery). No, this is not a rock/freak/blast-out album to pogo 2021 into oblivion to. Punk To Rest is a poignant work of catharsis, recovery and looking forward. Not a fan of fake Xmas feelings? You’ll find some real human contemplations right here.

The album:
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IMustBe Leonardo: Facebook

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