Pitch-Black Nightmare In Slo Mo – AMMO With Eerie Single ‘A COLD WAR CITY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

14 December 2021

Artist: AMMO
Who: Reverie-bound dark ethereal artist traveling
forth and back between LA and New York

New single: COLD WAR CITY

After lead single Rose + Crown (watch the video below) comes this new piece,
also part of her upcoming debut LP titled The Great Chaos under her label
Mourning Sun Records.

Ammo: “A Cold War City is an exploration of human memory and its fickle nature.
We rewrite details of past experiences over and over until eventually, a fiction replaces
our recollection. We are the authors of our own memoirs which are under constant

Turn Up The Volume: This pitch-black nightmare moves in slow motion with
an eerie and ominous resonance. As dark as a winter night, as enigmatic as
a Stephen King labyrinth, as macabre as your surreal dreams. And Ammo‘s
twilight voice enhances the bleakness.

I always wonder what is going on in an artist’s mind when he/she writes
hallucinatory stuff like this? Fear, introversion, or curiosity for the unknown?
Only the author knows, but It feels here like an invitation to explore your
own hidden memories.

Stream/buy Cold War City here…

Captivating clip for the first single Rose + Crown

AMMO: Facebook

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